JO All-In-One Massage 3 in 1 Warming Kit


JO All-in-one Massage Gift Set.

Share an intimate moment.

Let your partner`s loving touch take you away.The JO All-in-one Massage Gift Set includes everything you need for an intimate moment.

Set the mood with romantic tealights, then melt away tension with a handheld massager and JO All-in-One Massage Glide.

When your relaxation transitions into sensual pleasure, use JO Glide as a long lasting silicone lubricant.

Everything you need for the ultimate sensual massage.

JO All-in-One Massage Glide can also me used as a silicone lubricant.

Set the mood for relaxation with included tealights.Use handheld massager to melt away tension.

Includes JO Massage Guide with tips and techniques.

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JO All-In-One Massage 3 in 1 Warming Kit